.NET Development Services

For 15+ years, we provide companies with custom, robust, top-notch .NET solutions across multiple industry domains. As an experienced .NET development company, we carefully choose between multitier, microservices, and cloud-based architecture types, to make sure that it will perfectly suit the needs of a particular application.

We perform integrations with such enterprise legacy systems as SAP R/3, Oracle PeopleSoft, Siebel, SalesForce, etc.

Java Software Development

Our full-stack Java developers are constantly improving their knowledge, providing quality, full-cycle development, including design, deployment, testing, maintenance, and support.
While using the Agile development methodology, we create a variety of custom software products that fully satisfy the requirements and needs of our clients.

С/C+ Development

We can use C/C++ in many areas — from low-level system programming, such as the creation of device drivers and development for embedded systems, to high-level STL and Qt programming for creating desktop applicationsand rich UI. Our C/C++ team is made up of 15+ experts who utilize the full potential of this universal technology stack.

Custom PHP Development

We are a trusted PHP web developer, offering unmatched custom web application development services. Our PHP development team creates highly-scalable, robust web solutions ranging from dynamic web pages to complex ERP systems and applications.


The No.1 on my list is React. Built by Facebook, it is a JavaScript library for writing highly reactive single-page Web applications. Unlike Angular, which is a full-fledged framework, React cannot be directly defined as a framework.
While it acts more or less like a library, the underlying concepts of React, such as components, the use of JSX and inversion of control, bring it pretty close to being loosely defined as a framework. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo and Khan Academy are among some of the big names that use React.


Angular is the next, more sophisticated version of the previously famous AngularJS. It is a TypeScript based open source Web application framework built and maintained by Google. It is great for creating single-page Web applications and is extremely popular in the open source community. Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, McDonalds, UPS, Upwork, Freelancer and many other big companies use Angular for their Web applications.


Django applications are scalable Django has an active and vibrant open source community. The official repository on GitHub is used by 339K developers and has 19.9K forks.Additionally, there are a huge number of quality tutorials available to learn Django online, for free. There are new releases almost every 10-15 days with the latest one at the time of writing this article being v3.0.1. Even with JavaScript based frameworks becoming all the rage in the market, Django still remains very relevant in 2020 and will continue to be so in the future. It uses the power of Python and draws on its simplicity. Creating Django applications can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you are a Python enthusiast.

With our extensive network and personalized approach, we strive to match your skills, experience, and aspirations with the perfect job fit.